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7 Important Things to Know About Your Credit Score

Are you wondering why your credit score is important, and how you might improve it? At some point, you will most likely need to apply for credit.  Then, when you apply for credit, you have to demonstrate to your lender that you can repay the loan.  One of the tools that lenders use to build…
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Obtaining a Mortgage for a Rental Property

You might have considered increasing your passive income by purchasing a rental property.  This really can be an excellent “side hustle” and provide a significant to your bottom line, over time.   Obtaining a mortgage on an investment / rental property is very similar to what I wrote in Getting Organized for your First Mortgage with…
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Here’s the #1 Thing Millennials Don’t Understand about Credit Cards

The economy relies on consumer credit to keep the it ticking along.  And banks have a seemingly endless supply of currency to lend out to those who are both accepting to it and credit worthy.  One of the favorite tools banks have to lend out money, quickly, are credit cards.  When used correctly, credit cards…
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