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Obtaining a Mortgage for a Rental Property

You might have considered increasing your passive income by purchasing a rental property.  This really can be an excellent “side hustle” and provide a significant to your bottom line, over time.   Obtaining a mortgage on an investment / rental property is very similar to what I wrote in Getting Organized for your First Mortgage with…
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5 Tips to Sell your Home For the Highest Price

Selling your home it can be very lucrative, here are some tips to optimize the process and increasing your chance of getting a better price. 1. Choosing When To Sell: Every real estate market is different.  There are great times to sell and other times that may not be the most ideal.  Generally speaking, the spring…
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Conventional Mortgage Finance Hack

If you, like many, struggle to get the 20% Down Payment required to purchase a home (without mortgage insurance/PMI), consider this creative financing hack. If you are buying the property (i.e. not refi) ask the lender to lend based on the appraised value, if it appraises higher than the sale price. If the appraised value…
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