About Rick Orford

About Rick Orford

Rick Orford is an extremely motivated business leader, a financial strategist and author of The Financially Independent Millennial. He has a demonstrated track record in the entrepreneurial field as a valued, influential business leader.  Rick brings a proven capability to render a concept into reality.

Born and raised in Canada, Rick is articulate in both English and French- and is currently mastering Italian.  He is an industrious business person who prizes honesty and sincerity. Rick commenced his career very young, and by the age of 35, he had sold two technology businesses and became financially independent.

Rick has 20+ years of experience working in the finance and technology industries allowing him to meet the needs of his clients, whether they are new or experienced, sophisticated investors. Rick’s background results in successful transactions that foster recommendations and referrals for years to come.

Rick’s latest endeavor is the Surplus Academy; an online community that helps folks achieve Financial Independence.  And when not thinking about financial independence, Rick likes to guest write about his travels.

This might seem like a daunting task, but it’s possible!  Through podcasts, blog posts, and social media, people will see what worked for him.  And finally, they will also be exposed to what worked for others.