Getting Organized for your First Mortgage

Getting organized for a first mortgage in advance will help you immensely when its time to buy your first home.  Here are some of the things that will give you a head start! First, you’ll need your down payment. 3–5% at a minimum, however, I recommend 20% as you’ll avoid expensive private mortgage insurance (PMI). …
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What’s a HELOC and How does it Work?

A HELOC, or Home Equity Line of Credit is a line of credit secured by your home.  For example, if you have a HELOC with a $50k limit, and you use $10k, then you have $40k remaining. If you pay off the $10k, then you are back to the beginning with $50k being available to…
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Tips for Travelling Without Breaking the Bank!

Being financially independent also means being free to travel anytime you want. Obviously it must be done without impacting your cash flow too much. Here are some tips to achieve that. Do your research. Start planning way in advance. Prepare a spreadsheet with all the expenses (hotels, transportation, meals etc) and see how much the…
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The Financially Independent Millennial is a Confirmed #1 BEST SELLER!

This just in!  Amazon has just confirmed that our book, The Financially Independent Millennial has just hit #1 Best Seller Status! Pick up your copy today on Amazon!

Conventional Mortgage Finance Hack

If you, like many, struggle to get the 20% Down Payment required to purchase a home (without mortgage insurance/PMI), consider this creative financing hack. If you are buying the property (i.e. not refi) ask the lender to lend based on the appraised value, if it appraises higher than the sale price. If the appraised value…
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10 Strategies to Fast-Track your Financial Independence

It doesn’t matter how much money you earn from your career, your business, if you win the lottery, or were given a billion dollars.  Being Financially Independent means you have passive income (that’s income that is generated from your investments without day-to-day management on your part) that exceeds your expenses.  Note Passive income.  Passive income…
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Here’s the #1 Thing Millennials Don’t Understand about Credit Cards

The economy relies on consumer credit to keep the it ticking along.  And banks have a seemingly endless supply of currency to lend out to those who are both accepting to it and credit worthy.  One of the favorite tools banks have to lend out money, quickly, are credit cards.  When used correctly, credit cards…
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How to Generate Retirement Income From a Portfolio

Are you like many, wondering how to generate retirement income from a portfolio?  It can seem like a daunting question, but the answer is resoundingly simple. Financial Independence Number By now, you should have your financial independence number.  Besides, if you don’t already have it, click here to get it! As you know, your financial…
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The Financially Independent Millennial

Do you want Financial Independence before you turn 40? The #1 Best Selling Book, The Financially Independent Millennial shares how one regular Millennial (just like you) became a millionaire by the age of 35! The Financially Independent Millennial Warning: Reading this book and following the advice within can result in financial independence! Discover the steps…
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